Welcome to Dinet

We are Sandoval's Group Logistic Operator. We have over 32 years of experience and a solid reputation in the national market, providing outsourcing services for logistics operations throughout the different processes of the supply chain. We develop and offer the best customized solutions for our clients' operations in the retail, mass consumption, durable goods, mining and construction sectors.

Our success at DINET is based on a highly qualified and experienced staff: committed employees with a great service attitude towards our customers, capable of adapting processes to the particular needs of each operation and supported by a top notch technological platform. All of this together results in noticeable efficiency, measured through world-class management indicators.

Through our 32 years of experience, we have achieved a high specialization in retail , mass consumption, durable goods, mining and construction, being able to establish processes with precision on a global scale.

Differentiating elements

To gain our customers’ trust, we base our services on 5 differentiators.