At Dinet we have a modern infrastructure for our clients with international standards.

Operations at a National Level

At Dinet we have
11 operational offices nationwide.

Transportation units

We have more than 126 units of our own for our logistics services in the retail , mass consumption, durable goods, mining and construction sectors throughout the country. Additionally, we have a third-party fleet nationwide.

  • RCB sector units for Local and National transportation, monitored through our modern Control Center.
  • Cutting-edge units for the Mining sector especially designed for working in the biggest open pit mine in Peru.
  • Units for specialized transportation projects. High-end technology equipment for accident prevention.
  • Driving compartment speeding cameras and sound alerts.
  • Excavators, machinery and equipment.

Property security

Our commitment is to offer maximum security to our customers' products. We comply with national and international standards that allow us to provide security to all of our services.

  • CCTV equipment in all venues.
  • More than 600 cameras in total.
  • 24/7 GPS control centers monitoring our own and third-party vehicles.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Proprietary and third-party owned monitoring equipment certified according to international standards.


We have technology applied to operations, offering customized logistics solutions, that are safe and innovative for our customers.

  • Satellite Control Center - GPS - Monitoring 24/7.
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System).
  • TMS (Transportation Management System).
  • E-fulfillment solution (Tracking Web, tracking App).
  • DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan).
  • Radio Frequency.